At Strive Academy we provide an alternative educational setting which encourages learners to explore different methods of learning and development. Through our vocational offer learners have a wide range of opportunities to engage with hands-on training with embedded academic content. All programmes are built in a creative & bespoke manner to suit the needs of the learner and maximise their emotional, social and academic progress, whilst also equipping them with the core skills to progress in their chosen vocational area.

Our Mission

Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel - Socrates


We want to create a learning environment that places the individual at the centre of everything we do. This means creating learner centred educational packages that meets their' needs and understands their social, emotional, mental health and academic development. We look to equip learners with key skills to enable them to thrive both whilst at Strive Academy and when they move forward with their lives. Enabling learners to be confident, independent, knowledgeable and able to thrive beyond our setting.

We understand that tapping into the learners core interests, as well as forming positive relationships, is key to fostering enjoyment in education whilst maximising the chance of success.

Our Vision

Our vision is based on four pillars that support our overall ethos and mission statement.

Learner focused approach to learning

Many learners struggle within mainstream settings and more formal environments due to learning style and the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACE's). We have the ability at Strive to focus on a strength based model where interests and creative/kinaesthetic programmes form the basis of our pedagogy.

All learners will be asked to complete baseline and diagnostic testing to identify the correct level course to ensure progress and achievement. 

Working in partnership 

Strive Academy encourages all learners to develop positive communication skills and to work with others to achieve their goals. Learners will have a key-worker that helps set clear agreed targets to work towards. Many of our learners have struggled with social interactions in larger groups so we provide a waved approach to re-engage them in small collaborative working groups.

Strive aims to work with all stakeholders to provide a positive and value for money opportunity for vulnerable learners to re-engage and move forwards to a positive future.


Change, challenge, evolve 

Strive understand that vulnerable learners come with complex support needs. For learning to occur they have to feel safe and valued. Once this happens skilled staff can work through positive learning environments to change attitudes to life and learning; challenge ideas that are barriers to learning and future development and help to evolve positive attitudes to self and those around them. We also understand the importance of developing emotional literacy and improving self-esteem as the underpinning factors in securing this positive change.

Leave with the skills for a positive future

Strive Academy understands that we are part of a learning journey that continues beyond our time with the learners. Employability skills and careers guidance from a imperative part of all our programmes. We will work with referring agencies to ensure that all learners get access to Gatsby Gold Standard, where appropriate.

We will help all learners to identify either further education (FE), apprenticeship or alternative provision based routes to post-16 learning.

Learning programmes work towards level 1 outcomes to ensure a seamless transition to post-16 routes without repetition. We work hard to ensure that none of our learners become NEET. 

Our Offer


We offer a variety of programmes at Strive Academy including: Construction, Barbering, Hair & Beauty, Sport & Fitness and our Outreach tuition and mentoring programme.


Our qualifications offer young people the opportunity to follow an accredited educational pathway that ranges through Entry Level, Level 1, Level 2 and GCSE.


All of our programmes are curated and overseen by our fully qualified SENDCo. Each programme is learner centred in order to best suit their needs. Click 'learn more' for more details.

Our fees

Strive Academy - Day placements run from 10am until 2pm to allow for travel time.

Outreach Offer - either full day or half day placement.

On-site Day Placements

All vocational programmes are a set rate of £100 per day, per learner (excluding travel). For learners who can work in groups of up to eight with two supporting adults.

On-site programmes have group sizes no greater than 8 students.

Learners who need higher levels of support - add-on costs will be discussed at point of referral.

Outreach Offer

Half-day (2 hours) 1:1 tutor support is charged at £80 per half-day, per learner. Full day (10am-2pm) 1:1 tutor support is charged at £150 per day, per learner.

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Contact us

Telephone: 07850984968


Address: Byrom Mill, Knowl Street, Stalybridge, SK15 3AW